School Time - Are You Organized?

School time - the busses are running again, kids are headed off to class each day - and your desk may be a mess as you attempt to get caught up with the season’s requirements! Think about the assistance of a Virtual Assistant - it might be hard to imagine, but uding one to take the pressure off may be the right thing.

Contact us - we can describe what we do in such a way that if it would help you, you will know it!

Updating for 2012!

Every time a new year starts, we are reminded of the opportunity to begin anew. Fresh start! A new calendar awaits our recording of appointments and tasks, birthdays, anniversaries, and other important events.

The new year is a good time to prepare a
new brochure. Take a look - see what CAST is adding for 2012 services! You might find a description that defines your most pressing needs. When you do, give us a call - it is time you had your own Virtual Assistant to help carry the load.

Another Blog!

Join us outside of this website on our blog at Here is this graphic you will see throughout our site for clicking to the new blog! CAST on Call Blog Read and comment there!

Both of our blogs are available to you via RSS to your reader -- consider this tool as an easy way to keep up with the news. Happy Holidays to you!

CAST Blog Access

CAST Blog Access
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